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– Benjamin Franklin

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We have an extensive list of countries you can go to finish your higher education. Get in touch with us to figure out which country is best suited for you. Things to consider will be language, finance, school/uni results.

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As the market is flooded with engineers and other professions, choosing the right university becomes the most important part of higher education. Let us work together in making that decision

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In the current era of rapid technological advancement, an outdated course might become nightmare for future job prospects. We here at AR Logos International have been working with students for years to help them find a balance between their interests and future job market.

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OUr Aim

We act as a stepping stone for you in acheiving your dreams. Many students who want to study abroad, feel overwhelmed when faced with the bureaucracy, tedious processes and deadlines. If you are facing any similar problems and are in need of guidance, we are here for you to ensure that you are able to study where and what you want.

Consulatations are free !

Once students receive their Letter of Acceptance from their desired university, it should be treated as a green signal to start their application procedure for the Student Visa.

Even though every university and countries have different requirements for the score, an overall score of 6.5 in IELTS/ 79-93 in TOEFL is considered decent. But please contact us for exact details as this is variable and there are several universities we deal with which accept lower scores.

Every country provides different flavours. We together have to find yours, we have a good portfolio for you to select from. Contact Us

Living expenses depends on multiple variables such as Uni Fees, Cost of living etc. Some countries provide tuition free education for foriegn students as well. Cost of living depends exclusively on the country you want to go. Contact us to get a better overview about your course.

Most student visas allow students to work for 20hours/week once their semester begins.

Famous Destinations for students

Our most famous destination has been Latvia. Being a cheap country to live in as well as being in the european union, it  provides all the necessary opportunities for a succesful career at a low investment

We all know the role, Germany plays in the field of engineering. A degree from any university in Germany carries a lot weight throughout the world. And the cherry on the top is that there is no/minimal tuition fee for Indian student who want to enroll themselves in a publiic german university.

Note : We are very active in this country as we have already done several admission in German universities.

Latvia, being a member of EU provides an unique opportunity for Indian students with access to 28 countries during your course. Also Latvia has a very low cost of living compared to other European country which makes it a must consider option.

Note : This is our most famous and beloved destination. Maximum no. of admissions are done to latvian universities as we have deals with several latvian universities and getting admission is fairly easier.

Rest of the World

Even though we have deals with the universities of latvia, we still offer admission assistance for an array of countries like USA, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Australia and others. Check with us for further details and assistance.

Note : We do admissions in several other countries per request. We are always trying add more countries to our catalog but till then you can contact us to get a customised service package from us.




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We have two offices, one in the city of Chalakudy,Thrissur and the second one in Allapuzha. We are also planning an expansion to other states starting with Tamil Nadu. Further details will be shared when the time comes, till then meet us personally at our two location or Contact Us via Telephone/Email.


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