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why go to Latvia


  • High ranked universities with ranking equivalent to IIT’s & AIIMS’s in INDIA
  • Low Tuition fees (starting from Rs. 1.75 lakh onwards)
  • Low cost of living
  • Part time work permission
  • Students with 55% or less Aggregate also have options
  • Students with B.Com, BBA, B.A, B.Sc., BCA etc. have options to graduate from LATVIA
  • Students with Economics and Humanities group can also opt for Engineering and other degree courses.
  • Students with Science group without Biology can also opt for MBBS Courses in LATVIA.
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Admission requirements for indians

No IELTS Required


Indian Students who want to take admission in Latvian Universities for Bachelors require an upper-secondary education certificate (to sslc, cbse, icse etc.). An aggregate of at 50% and above is required for private universities and more than 55% for public universities. For public universities students need to undergo a Skype Interview in order to get admission. Students with economics or humanities group in 12th std are provided to select engineering or other courses as desired.


Indian Students opting to study in Latvia have a wide range of courses for selection. Primarily a valid bachelor degree is the basic requirement (diploma certificates are not accepted) for masters. Students with B.Com, BBA, B.A, B.Sc., BCA, B.E, B.Ed., B.Arch. etc. degree have options to graduate from Latvia.

PHD/ Doctoral Degree Program:

For admission for PHD, students are required master’s degree in related field. A complete research work thesis has to be submitted as the initial step for admission.

About Latvia


            2 Million +                                        3000 +                                           2.5 to3.0 Euro / HOUR                                             ♥♥♥♥

The beautiful and small country Latvia is situated in Northern Europe. This former Russian state consists of 64,589 square km. This small country has all the beauty of Europe. The green fields, clean atmosphere, fresh air of Baltic Sea and beautiful cities, Latvia is a good place to live. It has long coast line with Baltic Sea. The beaches of Latvia are very beautiful and played major role in the economy of country. Latvia shares land border with Russia, Estonia, Belarus and Lithuania. It also share marine border with Sweden. Its population is only 2.07 million which is not bad as compare to its area. The official language is Latvian, but Russian, German and English languages are also spoken in the country.

Capital Riga is most beautiful and biggest city of Latvia. Historical buildings and ancient culture of Latvia can be found anywhere in Riga. Gaiziņkalns is highest place in Latvia. This small country has very colorful traditions which attract the tourists very much. Latvian are very interesting and soft nature people. They welcome tourists and international students. They are also very good host. They like the guests in their home and entertain them with food and drinks.



The history of this small country is full of struggle against big European powers. This struggle is consists of centuries. German ruled on this small land from 13th century to 1561. Poland took over rule from Germans in 1562. The rule of Poland comes to end in 1629 when Sweden conquered this poor land and ruled on Latvia till 1721. Russian took over the hold of Latvia after 1721 and ruled over Latvian till 1918. In 1917, Latvian started struggle against Russian rule and finally got freedom on 18 November 1918. The freedom of Latvia finished after 22 year when Germans again snatched the freedom of Latvia in 1941. German ruled on Latvia from 1941 to 1944. Russia took over Latvia again in 1941 and kept it under Soviet Union. Latvia got freedom from Soviet Union in 1990 and started its own government under the name of Republic of Latvia.

From 1991 Latvian democracy started its journey towards development, and hard work of Latvian people appreciated by European Union and gifted them membership of EU in 2004. After getting the membership of European Union (EU) the development of Latvia increased rapidly and in January 2014 Latvia was enter in Euro club. From 2014 Euro is used as currency in Latvia.



 Latvia has very rich culture. It has colorful traditions. The culture and traditions of Latvia is six hundred year old. The nation of Latvia kept their traditions, culture and identity alive during rule of different European powers. Latvian people are very fun loving. Dance and music is the basic part of their life. The music of Latvia is melodious blend of modern and classical music. Children are being taught dance and music from very early age. The folk music and dance festivals held in whole country after every four year to keep the culture alive. The history of Latvia has been safe in the national museum.

Latvian nation is fitness conscious like all the European countries. They do gym, exercise, and running, jogging to keep them fit and healthy. Latvian likes to play all healthy sports. Basketball, volleyball, swimming and football are famous sports in Latvia. Whole nation sport their national team in international sports events.



Latvian food is unique like Latvian people. Latvian makes the food special. They don’t cook food for stomach but also for eyes. Latvian dishes look great in dishes. Latvian knows how to eat. Food is essential part of their festivals and special events. The hard working Latvian people like to grow their own vegetables and fruits. You can find fresh fruit and vegetable everywhere in Latvia.  The fresh salad is also an essential part of Latvian food.

Due to Baltic Sea, fish is also important part of Latvian food. You can taste lots of seafood’s in Latvia. Latvian chefs can cook fish in different ways. Every dish made by fish has unique taste. With vegetable and fish; meat, potatoes and dairy products are also very popular in Latvia. AR LOGOS will suggest you to go Latvia and be the part of delicious food community



Weather in Latvia is good, not too hot and not too cold. You can enjoy four seasons in Latvia. Every season has its own charm. Winter here in Latvia is typical northern European. It starts in November and finished in February. Tourists of hot countries enjoy the snowy winter of Latvia. Normally the average temperature in winter remains -10 C, in some very cold days it falls to -20 C but not less then it.

Spring here in Latvia is very pleasant and full of fragrance. You can see lots of flowers spreading their nice aroma all over the country. The green fields look very nice in spring. It is best time to visit Latvia. Summer brings happiness for Latvians. In summer average temperature remains 20 C, in some sunny days it reaches till 30 C but not more then it.

The parks, gardens, resorts and beaches become the center of attention of whole Latvian nation. People like to relax and enjoy the pleasant weather in summers. Fall / autumn are same like other northern European countries. You can enjoy the color changing leaves and fresh green grass all over the country. Rain is also very important part of Latvian weather. You should keep umbrella with you in every season of the year. AR LOGOS suggests the nature lovers to visit Latvia and enjoy every moment of their life.



The education in Latvia is similar like European study system. First level of study is pre-school education (equal to 10th in INDIA), second level is upper-secondary education (equal to 12th in INDIA) and third level is higher education comprises on bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Higher education institutions of Latvia offers lots of academic and professionals study programs. The higher education system of Latvia specially designed to prepare professionals and experts of different fields to provide skilled people for world’s labor market. This system makes students creative and innovative by research based studies. Lots of Latvian graduates are serving in world’s top companies. International labor market accepts Latvian experts in all fields. The higher education institutions of Latvia use national credit point system. One credit point is equal to one week study.  40 credit points are required by students in a year. National credit point system is compatible with European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

 The medicine, dentistry and pharmacy graduates are also awarded master’s degree and they are allowed to take admission in Doctoral degree program. Doctoral degree programs are consisting of 3 to 4 years.



Cost of living in Latvia is less than most of European countries. Student cities like Riga are affordable for students. Cost of living depends on the living style of students. Basic necessities of life are more economical in Latvia then other European countries. Normally a student needs 150 Euro to 300 Euro per month to live in Latvia. If you choose private apartment to live then you will need more money. Cooking food for yourself is economical than dine out. AR LOGOS suggests you to spend less on living and more on study, because study is your basic purpose in Latvia. Indian students share their accommodation and food among themselves or with the students from third world countries to cut the living cost 1/3rd. Cost of living is much based on your way of living.




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