Why Study Abroad

In short the answer is Globalisation.

why go to International Universities

The answer is not because India does not have good universities but rather the experience you gain. Any employer looks for adaptability, international exposure rtc. in a resume. And that’s where foriegn education shines. It shows that you are able to adapt and prosper in an unfamiliar environment.

  • Adaptability
  • Confidence
  • Experience
  • Decisiveness
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Globalization has heralded a revolutionary change in career options with a new world of opportunities opening up to the educated and talented youth across the globe. The infinite realm of higher education and better career prospects have motivated students to pick out innovative courses having immense job potential and attain a higher official status and higher remuneration with a marked improvement in the lifestyle and living.

Achieving an international qualification was only possible for a few chosen ones, but now the doors have been opened to one and all who wish to pursue their international education and a global career. The darkness and uncertainty in obtaining adequate information to choose higher studies abroad have paved way to effective know-how and means to achieve every possible information with regard to choosing an appropriate program, planning the cost of the study, and requisite information to achieve the visa to accomplish their long cherished dreams. Students are at liberty to collect necessary information either by approaching authorized centers or browsing the internet.

The wide opportunities thus available for collecting vital information opens varied avenues for entering into the world of innovative and job oriented courses offered by various institutions worldwide. In addition to the traditional havens of education and career development like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore many European nations like Switzerland, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden etc as a part of internationalization of education have of late started gearing up to attract more and more international students.Qualifications of international recognition, modern method of learning that emphasizes practical knowledge, trainings and guidance by world-renowned professors,monetary supports through scholarships, stipends and bursaries, opportunities for interacting with students from different cultures, occasion to acquire ability to express new ideas independently and to achieve good working knowledge in English, and avenues to earn a livelihood through part-time jobs are some of the direct advantages of pursuing higher education abroad.

The post-study work permit and the part-time work rights granted by countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada for acquiring appropriate jobs and accruing savings is an added advantage. The post stays back option helps the students to explore job opportunities and the path to Permanent Residency while the part-time work rights offer the students an opportunity to learn the work environment and also supplement their living expenses while undertaking study in these countries. Even though the United Kingdom has withdrawn the stay back option the simplification of procedures for qualified hands to continue under Tier 2 work permit category is a ray of hope.

Indian students are more attracted to job oriented courses that assure career placements after study. Almost all universities have their own career guidance cells to assist students to not only obtain suitable placements but to locate permanent residencies as well.

Countries like Germany, Sweden, and Norway offer 100% scholarship for courses in their respective countries. The state of the art technology and the facilities offered by the Universities in these countries truly is a dream destination for any student interested to pursue higher education abroad. The industrial excellence prevailing in these countries, innovations in technology are due to the high standards of education which give international recognition for the qualifications gained from these countries.Opportunities for Engineers and Healthcare professionals are in plenty. They figure in the most sought-after skill list of countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc.




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Here are some vedios of students sharing their experiences at various foriegn universities and how it has helped them acheive what they aimed for. You could also be one of them. Be decisive and take the next step towards a brighter future.

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