We provide a comprehensive student package that includes everything you need for an education abroad.

Logos International is one of the leading IT Service provider & overseas education consultancy providing a one-stop solution for aspiring students and all partner institutions. Our goal is to make the whole study abroad process easy and free of hassles. We provide professional career counseling/consulting services to students in India who would like to pursue further education abroad in countries like Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia, UK etc.

We help you with choosing the right courses and right institutions from a wide range of programs, colleges & universities. We also offer free advice on a wide range of topics from undergraduate & postgraduate programs, application procedures, visas, scholarships, and other related topics. We offer a student package which includes comprehensively everything that a student need to get a foreign education.

Please note that our packages and with that the prices vary according to the country you choose. If you are not sure about which country to go for or just want to get an estimation of costs, Contact us for the info.

Remember consultation is always free !

Comprehensive Student Package (CSP) includes -:



Help with Application Processing & SOP

How you make your university application decides whether you get an offer letter or not. So this might the first and most important part of the process. With an experience of over 5 years we will help you to write an attractive application which would increase your chances of getting in.


Realising the dreadful deadlines

Be it be an uni application or a visa application, there are way too many stressfull deadlines that a student will face during the process. By choosing our student package (CSP) you forward all that headache to us and we will take care of it.


Pre Visa Counselling & Documentation    
Visa Application & Follow up the status   

Hurray! You got a conditional acceptance letter from your desired university. You are over the moon about it, but if you think this is the end of your worries that will be very very very wrong. Getting a conditional offer letter is a milestone but not the destination, this is where the visa process begins. Our student package (CSP) includes all the help you need during this period.


Coutnry Specific Bureaucracy
Pre-departure orientation/briefing   

During your visa process you will also need to prepare the necessary paperwork that is required once you arrive at the destination country. Some country needs insurance proof, address registration etc. and not doing this on time can cause complications. But if you choose our student package (CSP) we will provide you assistance with any paperwork that needs to be done in India before departure and a Pre Departure Briefing on what needs to be done after arrival. 

Not included in the comprehensive student package (CSP)

Everything is done! You are ready to explore a new world but still nervous about your arrival at your new home. If this is you then don’t worry we got you covered, for a smal additional fee either one of our ex-students or an employee will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your destination. PS -: You can also enquire about the lifestyle and accomodation situation etc.  during your drive : ).

Note : This service is not available in all countries. If you require this, please contact us for exact info.

We are there with each student at each step of the way. We take each application of each student at our utmost priority with a lot of care and personal touch going into the submission of each application. We relentlessly make sure that each student is satisfied with our services. We continuously thrive to make our work better and customisable to your needs.


Your Future Starts Here.

We are dedicated to ensuring a bright future for you. Contact us for all the help you need.

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